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The Council of Foursquare Men (CFM) as constituted is a body of the laity (non-pastors), an arm of the church set up to get working class men of 18 years and above together to support the church financially. The primary note of the body is identifying, setting up projects that are of benefit to the church and executing same thus freeing the church from financial strain. And like Nehemiah, we believe strongly that CFM will greatly expand its accomplishment at the local, zonal, district and national levels.

If projects are preceded by prayer, progressed through prayer and perfected while yet praying. Through prayer we believe that all known handicaps – physical, materials and spiritual that often beset CFM projects will be surmounted.

Therefore, the force or the driving force of CFM is to build the men; men will in turn drive the projects – thus placing “men above projects” CFM is traditionally project-oriented but a major area of interact for CFM is the economic empowerment of men through effective training and networking.

Our mission is “preparing and equipping every man for a fruitful and effective personal ministry in the home, church, community and at work.  Any man fulfilling them is tagged a “Real Man”. The operation of CFM is at the local, zonal, district and national levels.

At each church level, the president is appointed by the local church pastor, zonal superintendent, district overseer and the general overseer respectively. Other officers are elected apart from the national level. The National President appoints his cabinet after due consultation with appropriate quarters.

The CFM motto is Ephesians 2:10 “We are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works.”

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